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Once upon a time there was a woman that complained to her husband about not having a hobby.  Oh yes, she liked to get the occasional massage or pedicure but those aren’t really hobbies.  Those are part of “maintenance.”   She wanted to do something like fishing, or golf, or tennis, or basket weaving.  In order to appease his confused wife, the husband bought her a beginner art set for Christmas.  Since the husband has 3 brothers with no idea about Christmas shopping, she got lots of painting paraphernalia that Christmas.

Being a true Type A personality, the wife only likes to do things she is good at.  Fortunately (for the wife and the husband), she was pretty good at painting.  Not only did her paintings turn out like she wanted but she also found great stress relief in painting.  Since the wife was painting for fun, she decided to have a glass of wine.  She then turned on some music and drank another glass.  In a two glass buzz, the wife told the husband “I think this is what I want to do…as a job.”  One would think that with his wife being a colorblind science geek he would have laughed in her face but being the supportive and wonderful husband he was (and possibly drinking the rest of her wine), the husband agreed to help make her dream a reality.

After 8 months of zoning/permitting and 3 months of renovations, the husband and wife celebrated Painting and Pinot’s grand opening party on December 4, 2010 (the same day they found out they were expecting their first child, nonetheless).  Since then, they have enjoyed every second of being a part of a business whose sole purpose is to make people happy.


  Violet (Wife) & Chris (Husband) Tremblay